Thursday, April 10, 2008

i miss erica.

she came to visit for spring break last month so this should have been posted lightyears ago. anyway erica and i went to highschool together at the las vegas academy of international studies, performing and visual arts. she was my best friend there and i still keep her close to my heart. she is currently going to school in chicago.. her smart ass got a full ride scholarship... she has the best radio show... and is just all around amazing. when she comes to visit nyc you know fun will be had. shes one of the smartest and most talented people i have ever met. she's as cute as a button and a maniac on the dance floor... if you didnt get a chance to meet her maybe youll be lucky next time. if not.. you lose.



[and yes that is a mini backpack... she's bringing it back y'all!]


zanimal said...

i second that!

MR. A*OK said...

bringing it back? when did it leave?

erica said...

I MISS YOU GUYS!! ahh, come to chicago for chrissakes.

sushionice said...

Thats fucked up you stole mine and erica's photobooth photos and photoshoped yourself over my body.... you think you're so cool cause you're a photo major.