Tuesday, July 8, 2008

zan summer top 5

01. creativity without a computer
this is a thumbnail of an awesome painting by esao

02. m83

03. coconut frozefruits

incidentally, not my hand.

04. reprise

playing now at BAM, on netflix soon

05. summer sales

built by wendy !


sarah ferguson lee said...

im so happy to see you back on the blog zan! i really have to be more committed to mine. p.s. coconut frozfruits were my favorite when i was a little kid.

-sarah lee

Blake Sinclair said...

coconut frozen thingys are my kryptonite.

mjrjr said...

"ghost in the machine" dress
- i got that at the sale

but, frozfruit? mamita!

go to the bam with me plz, i've always wanted to go