Tuesday, March 24, 2009

like molly,

I am completely obsessed with the awkward / amazing photoshop job of the nora roberts collection on lifetime that have infiltrated the ny subway system. my favorite:

jerry o'connels face + almost a boob grab

close second:

the name ivan sergei alone + emile's demure pose but one pink fingernail says it all.

read molly's take on it. UPDATE: ERICA'S MADE ME LOL TOO.


Peter said...

I sincerely hope somebody's airbrushed T. Perry by the time I get home.

zanimal said...

madea needs no airbrushing. she's perfect.

erica said...

thank you for pointing out the pink fingernail. that detail is so reassuring!

manda the destroyer! said...

zan youre killing it on the blog. i gotta step it up.. even though i almost dont have to since our minds basically/almost think alike (thanks to the extra confirmation given to us by these incredible posters.)