Tuesday, April 7, 2009

erased james franco

Last night, Molly and Erica and I and a slew of teenagers / grandmothers / gay men went to a screening of Erased James Franco at MoMA. The film is directed by Carter (1 name) who Wikipedia informs me is "best known for his artwork that spans various media from painting and photography to sculptural installations, and videos." This was his first feature length film and featured James Franco mumbling, James Franco eating crackers, James Franco painting, James Franco moving furniture, James Franco acting like Julianne Moore, James Franco answering the phone, and James Franco walking into walls. The pay-off is the last 3 minutes when JF looks at the camera, dewy-eyed, and sincerely stammers "I love you" over and over (a scene from Todd Haynes "Safe").

I suggest you watch this movie only if you are a HUGE fan of franco or can stand the artiest of movies. The movie is only successful because of Franco himself (who else could you stand to watch drink water for 10 minutes?) Also there was a Q&A session afterward and he smiled at me so that was pretty tight.


erica said...

love it. I like your list of everything he did, I had a hard time remembering until that cracked me up. You left out James Franco talking with food in his mouth. That was probably my favorite besides the ILOVEYOU

mjrjr said...

i love jf but this movie was tedious. i can't believe how beautifully his eyes crinkled in person. i can't believe the woman sitting in front of us.