Monday, May 18, 2009

Books (Pt. 1)


The Savage Detectives, Roberto Bolano
This dude is a sick nasty writer. Over my head sometimes (not that familiar with the literary scene in mexico city in the 70s), but highly recommended. Its basically told through small vignettes, recounted stories of many characters that overlap and intersect, and is really beautiful and scary and sexy too. Anyone read 2666? I heard that's rad.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson
Okay, I know everyone read this in the 8th grade, but I'm late to the game as per usual. It made me want to do tons of acid and mescalin, then not want to do it, then do it, then not want to again. And Las Vegas is crazy (amirite ladies?).

American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis
Another book everyone read 40 years ago but c'mon! Give me a break! I spent the early 00's reading Jane magazine. Though this book is so gory I had to glaze over a few parts or risk ralphing all over my roommates copy, its a great read. It's about an asshole yuppie whose obsessed with coke, restaurants, and his bod and he would be just another asshole yuppie 'cept he's also a serial killer. Also loved chapters that were just in depth music reviews.

Bad Behavior, Mary Gaitskill
And something by a lady! This collection of short stories, which Molly gave me for my birthday, is phenomenal. Gaitskill's characters are real and awkward, and she is so good with small details that she's like your favorite jacket that has awesome buttons on the cuffs or something. Has the short story that the movie Secretary is based on.

ALSO: erica knows swedish and translated that thing up top! she says: "bozo he can read, bozo is so (can't read, crazy danish), when the others lay around, he reads a book!"


erica said...

ok so i made up the part about the others laying around. they might be camping.

mjrjr said...

jane magazine = i lol'd