Monday, June 15, 2009

love post.

"they hate on everything at that blog. it's a blog's job to hate" -erica

[in reference to the cut always hating on teen vogue]. okay true. BUT NOT THIS BLOG. Strangely Attached is here to love, just as I love Mondays and Amanda loves updating (PSYCH!)

1. james franco

i love you

2. dachshunds

i love them

3. vita coco

i love this drink

4. summertime


i love it when it doesn't rain


erica said...

I love this blogger and her blog. I will return to it again and again over the course of the week, whenever I need my mood lifted. LOVE triumphs over HATE yet again!

Blake Sinclair said...

I love this blog and I want to see more puppies and summer.

zanimal said...

more puppies: