Thursday, June 25, 2009

check yoself

to the purp who stole manda's phone,

you better make for damn sure you don't run into either her or i. because we will beat you up (or actually if you run into me, i will run and get manda, and she will beat you up). you robbed us of precious pictures like erica and i looking psychedelic through mirrored glass, and supermodel anja rubik wearing manda's glasses. also manda just bedazzled it and it was lovely.

keep your eyes peeled for a loser pipsqueak with a sparkling jemmed up pink crackberry!

here's a lovely picture of manda that the lovely blake sinclair took

here's a cute picture i found on ffffound.

here's a slow loris getting tickled. does anyone have one of these? i want. badly!

1 comment:

mjrjr said...

my dad mentioned to me someone's bringing a slow loris to his office this saturday if you feel like waking up at 5am